The Full Throttle Approach

We are a classic car shop in Sarasota, Fl that builds classic cars that represent the best American automakers had to offer with technology of today. Coast to coast driving with confidence! We consider high performance cars to have horsepower, reliability, and safety.

Full Design & Build

Services Include:

  • Design Consultation

  • Detailed Build Plan

  • Progress Reports

  • Expertise to Guide You

  • We will help architect your build to make sure you get the maximum enjoyment out of your investment.


    We have an eye for details:

  • Matching Serials

  • Period Correct Details

  • Vast Network

  • Passion for History

  • There’s nothing like seeing a classic looking like the day it rolled of the line. We love the purity in these projects and our ability to complete these restorations to exact specifications is gratifying.

    Classic Car Repair

    If it has wheels we can fix it:

  • Engine Repair / Rebuild

  • Drive Train

  • Body Work

  • Interior

  • We build cars from the ground up and we can fix any problem your classic may have. We provide a free consultation to know you and your car so we can build a tailored plan to get you back on the road.


    Modern amenities:

  • A/C

  • Brakes

  • Fuel

  • Suspension

  • We have the knowledge to put the right parts to the right build to ensure everything works as if it was factory new.

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    How S&S Works with You:

  • Responsible Consulting

  • Proper Design

  • Within Your Budget

  • Understanding Your Needs

  • We start every build with a consultation session. We want to know what your intended use for the car will be, what your experiences are, and who will be using your car to help design the best car of your dreams.

    Schedule Your Consultation